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Bestaven, the outsider. The Vendée Globe is yours! Pedote coming in Les Sables

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Bestaven Vendée Globe

On the first-gen foiler Maitre Coq, Yannick Bestaven is the winner of the Vendée Globe 2020-2021, with a time of 80 days, 13 hours, 59 minutes and 46 seconds. The 10 hours and 15 minutes of bonus received for the PRB-related events were decisive, which allowed Bestaven to win the regatta despite the fact that he had arrived about 7 hours after Charlie Dalin. The gap between the two is just 2 hours, 31 minutes and 1 second, a time that well reflects the extraordinary nature of this Vendée Globe, which gave life to a sprint finish never seen before in the history of the competition.

The arrival of Maitre Coq in Les Sables

Bestaven (St. Nazaire, 1972), is the hero of this crazy world tour. Nobody gave him among the favorites, in fact he was at his first Vendée because, in 2008, he dismasted a few hours after the start and from that time he was no longer able to be at the start for the legendary race. The 48-year-old sailor led a cautious race down the Atlantic, but then in the Southern Oceans he took risks, often going to attack and also taking advantage of the fragility of his rivals’ boats. While Bestaven, on the one hand, did not show the “magical” trajectories of Charlie Dalin, on the other hand, he took the concept of resilience to the highest level. 

Even when everyone gave him up for defeated after being overtaken off the coast of Brazil, Bestaven burned over 500 miles ahead, Maitre Coq’s skipper climbed the slope patiently, until he succeeded in the feat of the northern option which got him to the finish line just in time to snatch the victory from Dalin. But in a regatta like the Vendée Globe, and like this edition in particular, nothing is decided until the last meters before the finish.

The greeting upon the arrival with Charlie Dalin

During the night also Louis Burton and Thomas Ruyant arrived, who respectively occupy the third and fourth place in the standings. Defeat and bad luck for Boris Herrmann: the German seemed even more fighting for victory than Bestaven, but the collision with a fishing boat, fortunately without injuries but with significant damage to the German’s Imoca, forced him to a 7 knots until the finish. He will cross the finish line shortly in fifth position.

But now it’s time to think about the arrival of Giancarlo Pedote, now only 70 miles from Les Sables, after having definitively overtaken Damien Seguin in the night. The Tuscan skipper is heading towards an extraordinary sixth place in real time, which will likely become a seventh after the arrival of Jean Le Cam who boasts 16 hours and 15 minutes of bonus. So breathless for the last hours at sea by Giancarlo Pedote.


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